Mathias Jakob Seib: "Blue symbolizes the vastness of the sky and gives our soul the safety of wings. We rise into spiritual worlds; many personal conflicts are resolved. We have brought our wishes, abilities and what we are allowed to do into harmony with what we do not want, what we cannot do and what we are not allowed in a useful and meaningful way."


In the process of creation I would sum Mathias' words into the phrase: Decision made at ease. Ideas showering from the sky above are supported with deeply rooted experience, which brought us both successes and failures. We learnt what worked for us (at that time) and what didn't, sometimes even why.
When a creative idea turns into the feeling warming our chest, we are ready to shine it up. The Mind greets the Heart.
"Safety of wings" is an excellent expression. We know we are on the right path, we recognize our motif, we are uplifted, carried and in a harmony with our past-present knowing and experience. It feels unshakable, not rigid, moving, it has its own new life. We can be at ease with our decisions to let the past routines go and lead just with the new yet unknown, or to include all what we have available at this very moment. The level of courage will still have a word.


Confidence is feeling safe. The feeling of knowing, with a glimpse of humbleness and thank you. Confidence is trusting what is. It comes with Ease. It is an open state of being, of being available to reach others and being available to be reached by others. It shows readiness for the next step. You are prepared, you did your homework, and you feel at peace.

Before that, hesitation rules. Uncertainty is more than certain. This is the time, when we start to seek confirmations from other people, from inner messages, which come (and go), from signs from outside, which come and go. They might work at a certain level, but usually we feel something 'real' is missing. It doesn't feel like an assuring approval and sign to go, no matter if it came from others or from yourself. After a couple of won and lost fights, the moment comes, when you stop being interested in any confirmations, assurances, or approvals. You come to peace with yourself and with what is in front of you. Now is the time to move. And once you decide to move, the whole energy is needed for each step. Ignore other possibilities, as there are tons of them and you already know that. If you become really confident, the word itself becomes meaningless.

You cannot buy a confidence but this drawing will work too