Color Themes - grey, black, violet

stands for the collective life goals and habits such as occupation, marriage, family, property, partnership. Unobtrusiveness is needed. If no other color evolves in the soul, then the inconspicuousness becomes a hypocrisy. Man becomes a follower, a henchman, a yes-man. He adapts to everything and everyone.

signals the fear of ourselves and of others. This anxiety starts with childbirth and
ends with death. The more color we bring to our soul, the more creatively we can handle our fear. If black is dominant in the soul, then greed, power hunger and the unconscious (self)destructive drive dominate our lives.

represents inner serenity. All previous colors are available, our soul leads us to deep insights into life. Nevertheless, we do not turn away from everyday events and we calmly wait for what is intended for us.