Seven colors represent seven development levels of human soul - starting with the primal fear and ending in being free. If man masters each of the stages, serving him as "helping spirits", he is awarded with awareness, self-determination, ability to realize and fulfill personal opportunities, self-definition and zest for life.

Seib described red as fascination with one's own sexuality, symbol of physical desire. The sex drive determines our mental maturity. With red power we manage to free ourselves from our parents and our childhood. If the sexual fascination is too big, then we want too much of everything: too much love, too much fame, too much work, too much variety. Chaos arises in us.

stands for the collective life goals and habits such as occupation, marriage, family, property, partnership. Unobtrusiveness is needed. If no other color evolves in the soul, then the inconspicuousness becomes a hypocrisy. Man becomes a follower, a henchman, a yes-man. He adapts to everything and everyone.

signals the fear of ourselves and of others. This anxiety starts with childbirth and
ends with death. The more color we bring to our soul, the more creatively we can handle our fear. If black is dominant in the soul, then greed, power hunger and the unconscious (self)destructive drive dominate our lives.

represents inner serenity. All previous colors are available, our soul leads us to deep insights into life. Nevertheless, we do not turn away from everyday events and we calmly wait for what is intended for us.
symbolizes the vastness of the sky and gives our soul the security of wings. We rise into spiritual worlds; many personal conflicts are resolved. We have brought our wishes, abilities and what we are allowed to do into harmony with what we do not want, what we cannot do and what we are not allowed in a meaningful way.

creates tension that mixes up and questions everything that was before, including profession, marriage, beliefs. Often there comes peace with previous life, with the partner, with friends, work, parents. If this balance turns up being negative, the person becomes a complainer and know-it-all.

shines brightly as spiritual freedom, which is always achieved without war and without bloodshed.