The Ochtian Concept

Symbols, shapes and colors give brief insight into Seib's work. He draw love as a light, floating red ribbon, like a feather, easy and sensual. The violet harmony looks like the two would finally agree. Seib's green expression means tension, tug of war going in each four directions with no progress anytime soon. Black bars of primal fear accompany Seib through out all his career of painting. He portrayed organized masses, yes-men and hypocrites in collective greyness. Balancing and flexing shapes of blue symbolize practiced security. Finally the fiery yellow freedom, just like ignited feather, hovers seemingly in higher realms.

Seven colors represent seven development levels of human soul - starting with the primal fear and ending in being free. If man masters each of the stages, serving him as "helping spirits", he is awarded with awareness, self-determination, ability to realize and fulfill personal opportunities, self-definition and zest for life.